Astro Notes – March

Our theme this month is navigating through challenging change. January/February have been difficult and stressful for most of us albeit at different levels. We have also had Mercury retrograde which is asking us to confront unfinished business. We need to balance material concerns with spiritual ideas/ideals. We have been asked to shed old, outworn ideas/ideals and let them go. We have been disappointed in people and institutions who have us let us down. Many people have felt abandoned.

Watch out for supressed emotional baggage during this time. Own it and then junk it. Then feel what is right for you and do it. What is the it? The it is the new dreams and goals that we must imagine for ourselves and our society. If our leaders can’t lead then we have to be the ones who forge ahead with new paradigms and behaviours.

The effect of Mercury retrograde will continue until the first week in April. Be aware of mixed messages, spin, lies and obfuscation. Our current Government has been having trouble telling the truth. Mistakes can be inevitable. Own up to it and apologize and that way we can all move forward with trust. We also must find and express honesty and truth in ourselves and be willing to admit our faults. Once done we can move on to new horizons.

The planets Pluto, Jupiter and Mars are together in Capricorn in late March/early April and will bring a new surge in positive energy. Together with the Sun going into Aries can help in the ability to be determined to move forward and manifest your dreams. However these dreams must be rooted in honesty and integrity. If not you could face more difficult challenges.

It is up to you how you use the incoming energy surge. Be prepared and great things can manifest. Be clear that what you want is coming from integrity. Beware of mixed messages, spin, lies and confusion. Trust your own instincts.

If you want further clarification as to how this energy directly affects you can get a personalized chart analysis done.

Credit: Jo-Anne Cardosi BA, FAA Dip Astro, APA

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