The main energy to be aware of this month is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio all month. Communication delays/misunderstandings, IT issues and travel plans need to be checked and re-checked. IT around banking is also a focus. Make sure your computer security is up to date and change passwords (remember to write it down somewhere!).

It is a good time to start something new but be clear on your intentions as retrograde Mercury highlights misunderstandings. This is particularly so around money matters and your personal values and how others perceive you. Make sure any financial arrangement is “above board” –if there is any doubt or lack of clarity do not proceed. November is not a good time to enter into contracts of any kind unless an it is an absolute must – triple check everything.

It is also a time not to be wasteful and extravagant. Money matters could be unclear so hold off any purchases until you are sure of the terms and conditions. Ask yourself -Do I really need this?????

Mars squares the Moon so energy levels may be low-do not succumb to fear and dread (as there will be a lot going on in world affairs that will make us fearful and anxious). However it is also a good time to make your dreams a reality-so long as you are clear on the purpose.

Around the 11th November watch for power struggles with ruthless people-do not play their game. Stand back, think clearly and just observe. Do not allow yourself to be de-stabilized by other people power games. Be honest with yourself and ask – do I play power games??

Mercury goes direct in the last week in November and the Sun/Moon will be in Sagittarius so things will move forward and lighten up by then. There will be more optimism around so enjoy the lead up to Christmas.