The theme for October is Libran energy – the desire for balance and harmony in all spheres of life. However there is a strong set of planetary energy pushing for change. Healthy balance needs constant calibrating-the scales constantly go up and down.

There will be a lot of energy available for new activity and impulses towards change. Not everyone likes or feels comfortable with change so watch out for suppressed anger and frustration. The world will see some major power balance challenges.

The best thing to do for that is physical exercise-run, walk, swim, garden, do housework- anything to get your body moving and keep the energy circulating.

There may also be the tendency for procrastination and indecisiveness. Don’t worry if you make a wrong decision as now is the time to make necessary changes. If you sense darkness and fear be courageous.

Just look at the environmental activist Greta Thunburg who recently spoke at the UN. She challenged the powers that be to look at themselves and what they are doing wrong. She is facing a world of denial and criticism but she has found a courage to face “darkness and fear” in order to speak and act her truth.

Now is a good time for open, honest, fair and balanced communication with yourself and others. Mercury will be going retrograde in Scorpio in November and this will see the need to watch for secrecy and hiding of the truth. So use the opportunity now to have those discussions with yourself and others that are necessary for healthy change.