Cosmetic Tattoo

– All you need to know

Joanne from Just Body in Victoria visits Santa Barbara on a regular basis to service clients who want quality work with care and attention to detail.


Lost your tails ? Brows have become sparse? Need more definition or shape? By simulating the eyebrow hairs feather touch cosmetic tattooing can redefine the shape of your brow.

Cosmetic Tattooing is a 2 step procedure and you will be required to have a second session 6-8 weeks after your initial session. This session is included in the price of your initial treatment PRICE $450

During consultation we will discuss the type of method best suited for your eyebrow enhancement. It may be one or a combination of the following.



This is done on the day of the treatment where we discuss the treatment in detail, look to be achieved, pigment colour and after care.


We measure and mark the brows to shape considering the details of the face. Choose a pigment colour according to your eye, skin and hair colour and most importantly how you want to wear your eyebrows.

  • Feather Touch Brow
    Hair like strokes of pigment are implanted using a hand tool to enhance existing eyebrows or create brows that may have over time disappeared.
  • Ombre Eyebrow
    Combination on feather touch and manual shading or powder brow. This is a more solid look but is softened by the natural individual feather touch brows.
  • Powder Brow
    Using the tattoo gun for a full colour brow.
  • Manual Shading
    If your eyebrows are a great shape but maybe need a bit more depth of colour then this is for you. Manual shading gives the effect of a soft powdery brow that enhances your existing eyebrows.
  • Perfecting Session
    No Charge
    Perfecting Session  – all initial procedures will require a perfecting session.
  • Additional follow-up session
    If needed
  • Brow Refresher
    Up to 2 years from your initial procedure. 2 years post initial procedure will be full price.
  • Lash Enhancement
    Placing pigment between the lashes gives a sense of volume. This treatment can be a subtle enhancement to make your eyes pop. Great alternative if you are not sure about eyeliner.


How long does the tattoo last?

Colour retention varies from 12 months to 2 years. Everyone holds their pigment differently. Oily skins don’t hold pigment as well as drier skins, sun exposure (UV fades some pigments) and some medications will effect pigment colour. An annual refresher session is always recommended to keep your brows looking fresh.

How many treatments are needed?

The initial treatment is followed by a perfecting session 6 – 8 weeks later. In the first week the tattoo heals pigment will fade and some pigment may need perfecting in the second session. Some oily skins may need another session and there will be an additional fee.


– pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

– chemotherapy patients

– if you are taking roaccutane (acne medication)

– are prone to keloid scarring

– are taking prescription blood thinners

– have Diabetes

– excessive oily skin

– extremely sensitive skin

Just Body will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years.