Astro Notes – February

How are you all feeling?? Upset, stunned, disquieted by what is happening in the world-especially in our own country where we have seen tragedy and destruction. The planetary energies are showing us where our lives need restructuring and major change. This will continue for the rest of this year.

Things are not right. Who can you trust anymore? What is the truth? Well, the only person you can trust is yourself. Are you being truthful? Do you look at your own behaviours and can you be honest with yourself? The fires in Australia have shown us what true humanity, caring and compassion is. Yes, we have to address the issues that have caused the fires but everyday reality has to be faced.

The major planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are asking us to:

Be ethical, truthful, honest, accountable, responsible, have a strong moral compass and above all think for ourselves. Question everything you are told because there are those who would seek to confuse and misguide us.

Now is the time to look at how we are living our lives. Do I waste resources? Am I fair and just in my dealings with people? Maybe the words sustainable, holistic and ethical should be in our vocabulary every single day. The best we can do is manage our own personal world through this lenses and then go and help others as best we can when they are in need.

The community response to various bushfire tragedies has been inspiring. We as humans can show our best selves when we help others without thought of what’s in it for me. The generosity both materially and otherwise has been there for all to see. We are being asked by the planets energies to create a new paradigm-only we can do it.

On a more mundane note the planet Mercury is going retrograde 17/3-30/3 in Pisces. This means all the usual-don’t buy appliances/computers/mobile, travel plans may be affected, avoid signing contracts etc.

Key words are re-do, review, re-evaluate and plan. Our mental and verbal focus will be on feelings and intuition. Be aware of confusing messages and lies. Take action with clear thought after 30/3.

Those with planetary placements around mid Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius may feel the effects more. If you want like to know more contact an astrologer who can work it out for you.

Ask Sue for details of a local reputable astrologer in Hope Island.

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