10 Reasons to Dermablade

  • Gentle exfoliation, good for all skin types.
  • Vellus (peach fuzz) hair is removed.
  • Increased penetration of active ingredients in anti ageing treatments.
  • Increased absorption of active ingredients helps home care products work better
    so you see results faster.
  • Can be combined with anti –aging treatments such as oxygen infusion, LED and
    other light therapies.
  • Healthier, more youthful looking and feeling skin.
  • Comfortable, relaxing treatment.
  • No down-time.
  • Makeup glides on easily and less is needed for a youthful, natural glow.
  • Skin photographs beautifully, so it’s perfect treatment right before high profile

Debunking the shaving myth:

The most common question we receive about hair removal treatments is “will it
make my hair grow back thicker or darker”?

In regard to Dermaplaning, the answer is NO, it will do neither.
Dermaplaning targets Vellus facial hair, which is finer and lighter in colour than
terminal hair…

Dermaplaning does not interact with the hair follicle itself and cannot physically
alter the growth pattern. So your peach fuzz will always be peach fuzz!

It is a common misconception that shaving causes hair to become thicker and
darker because shaving (and dermaplaning) splice the follicle. Hair is tapered at
one end and when shaved becomes blunt, which can appear thicker and darker.
Neither is actually true nor is the appearance long- term. Once that hair sheds
from the follicle, the new growth will have a tapered end once again.

Leg hair, which is all terminal, may appear thicker and darker, but your facial
hair will not.

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