Energies for December are inviting and beneficial. The planet Jupiter is helping and there is also an eclipse. What does this mean? Well, all possibilities are on the table. Fresh starts are likely especially if you have been thinking that you must make changes in your life. Growth, abundance, good luck are in the air. Eclipses give you an extra push to utilize the energy.

The main energy to be aware of this month is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio all month. Communication delays/misunderstandings, IT issues and travel plans need to be checked and re-checked. IT around banking is also a focus.


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The theme for October is Libran energy – the desire for balance and harmony in all spheres of life. However there is a strong set of planetary energy pushing for change. Healthy balance needs constant calibrating-the scales constantly go up and down.

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What is Folliculitis?

Affecting almost every part of the body where hair may grow except for the palms and soles of the feet, folliculitis is an inflammation of hair follicles (skin structures that produce hair). Similar in appearance to a pimple, it’s a fairly common condition that can easily be prevented or managed often times with home remedies