Oily skin does not need harsh cleansers.

Cleansers that strip skin to squeaky clean are not necessarily great for your skin and can do more harm resulting in breakouts and oilier skin. If we upset the pH balance of the skin to tight and itchy a lower pH skin will compensate and produce more oil leading to congestion.

Don’t rinse your face with hot water

This creates inflammation and can compromise the skin barrier. Hot water does not open pores, erase pores or cleanse thoroughly.  That is the cleansers job. Cold water has a cryo effect, soothes and calms the skin.

Double cleansing is a must in the PM

Doing a cleanse once in the evening will clean away makeup, SPF and the days dirt.  The second will clean the skin and prep for your PM routine.

Cleanse twice a day AM and PM

PM sleep heals skin which accelerates renewal. Double cleansing at night will help your night active serums and creams penetrate and do their job better.  AM cleansing is a must when using serums and actives at night to prep a clean skin for AM serums, moisturisers and SPF

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