Skin 02 Derma Roller Anti Ageing Kit


200 ml


In stock

Skin O2’s Derma Roller Anti-ageing Kit is the exclusive skincare starter set that puts your dream skin within reach, and all while you’re catching some ZZZ’s overnight. Waking up with rejuvenated and regenerated skin has never been easier! Combat the signs of ageing and target fine lines & wrinkles. This is beauty sleep, Skin O2 style. Safe & Suitable for all skin types. Bundle includes:

Please read instructions on the box before first use. Warning: Do not share this device.

  1. Rinse roller under hot water & always use Skin O2 Derma Roller Cleansing Spray to disinfect the device before and after use
  2. Cleanse the skin to remove all makeup then pat dry
  3. Apply Skin O2 pre treatment sanitising Clean Skin Gel to the area you wish to treat, place the roller onto that area and gently roll back and forth 5-10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Continue for each section on your face you would like to treat.
  4. Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum and pat into the skin
  5. Finally, apply the Tri Peptide Sheet Mask to lock in that moisture!

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