Ultraderm Silky Soft Facial Cleansing Chamois


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This super soft bacterial resistant cleansing cloth effortlessly removes makeup and dirt to leave your skin super clean. Paired with your favourite Ultraderm Cleanser, Silky Soft Facial Cleansing Chamois glides over skin collecting oil, dirt, makeup and pollutants like a magnet. Its non-abrasive material will not irritate the surface of your skin making it suitable for even the most delicate skins. Long lasting and designed to withstand machine washing, this chamois is an indispensable beauty item.

Prior to use, soak chamois in water to soften into a pliable sponge. Use to remove cleansers, exfoliants and masks, rinsing clean as required. After use, rinse and hang up where it will dry to rigidity (which lessens bacterial growth). Machine washable (recommended weekly)

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