Do you facial at home? 

Maybe you should. 

You know what we do in the salon is 20%. What you do at home is 80%. So lets hope you  all have some home skin care that you use everyday! On top of that you could be doing  your own facial once a week. 

This could mean that you choose a day in the week where you know you will have some  downtime. Use a hairband to push all your hair off your face.  

Cleanse. Every starting point of skincare is cleansing. This is a two step process. Firstly to  remove makeup then secondly to remove oil, pollutants and dirt. Then your twice cleansed  skin is ready to receive. 

Mask. Use a mask that is appropriate for your skin type or concern that you are addressing.  Apply the mask with a mask brush to your face, neck and decolletage. Pour yourself a  beverage and let the mask do its magic. Aways use the mask according to directions so only  leave on for the time that is recommended. Gently remove with a facial cleansing cloth. 

Moisturise. Apply appropriate serum and then moisturizer which will enhance the delivery  of active ingredients. 

Eyes. Skin around your eyes can be delicate and sensitive. Complete your facial with an eye  cream, gel or serum which have been specially formulated for the eye area. 

Top Tips:

Face and makeup wipes are not always adequate for cleansing thoroughly. They also create  more waste. Ultraderm has a soft facial chamois that effective removes daily build up and  makeup beautifully. 

In salon we have headbands and mask brushes. 

Possible mask choices are: 

Ultraderm clay refining mask purifies, refines, normalises sebum production, minimises pore  size. Brightens a lack lustre skin. 

Ultraderm dual treatment mask exfoliates, refines, purifies and balances skin tone. Regular  us will reduce pigmentation, reduce congestion and refine lines. Not suitable for sensitive  skin 

Ultraderm skin recovery mask soothes, hydrates and calms a sensitive and reactive skin.  Reduces inflammation, irritation and redness. 

Ultraderm Karma mask for hydration and redness. Soothes and nourishes stressed and  irritated skin 

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Happy masking!!

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