Skin Needling

Also referred to as Micro Needling and Collagen Induction Therapy this treatment works by inducing controlled damage to the skin which triggers the body’s natural healing response by producing collagen and elastin.

During this process the skin needling device passes over the skin creating small punctures in the skin ranging in depth depending on the treatment area and result desired.

The little channels created allow absorption of topical serums, usually hyaluronic acid, for best results.  As the skin heals from the micro needling it produces new collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, tighter skin which makes this treatment ideal for skin laxity.

Apart from skin tightening, skin needling is very effective at minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, deeper wrinkles, surgical scarring as well as acne and chickenpox scarring.

It is important to note that skin needling can be a one time treatment but best results require a series of treatments to see optimum results.  The number of treatments depends on the response of the skin and the severity of what is being treating.

There is little down time to skin needling.  You will have some redness after the treatment and it may feel like windburn.  This will subside over the course of 24 hours.  Treat the skin as sensitive and usually after 48 hours you can get back to a normal skin routine.  Sometimes there will be some dry flaking and peeling depending on how deep the needling treatment was.  It is recommended to have an exfoliating treatment follow up at about day 10 to safely take away any dry flakey skin.

You will see results up to 4 weeks but it can take 8-12 weeks depending on what condition has been treated and how deep the treatment was.

For results for anti ageing and laxity of the skin a monthly treatment would be optimum.  Combining treatments such as LED, HIFU and oxygen facials will enhance the skins response and improve treatment outcomes.

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