What is Folliculitis?

Affecting almost every part of the body where hair may grow except for the palms and soles of the feet, folliculitis is an inflammation of hair follicles (skin structures that produce hair). Similar in appearance to a pimple, it’s a fairly common condition that can easily be prevented or managed often times with home remedies.

What are the symptoms?

Folliculitis can be the result of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. It may initially appear around hair follicles that have been damaged in some way. While it can appear at any time in life, its most common in children and young adults although the condition may persist into later years. Also, itching or visible redness are possible indications of folliculitis.

Can be caused by
Sluggish circulation
Sluggish digestion
Fungal infection
Mite infection
Mild fever
Hormonal changes, especially in children and young adults
Tight clothes eg non breathable gym gear
Hot tubs

What to do to help

Check your digestive system, take a gelatin supplement which helps digestion and absorption, gastrointestinal health, reduces inflammation while strengthening and improving the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Check your hormonal position with your Doctor

Choose your active wear carefully

Shower with a body wash after using pools and hot tubs. Better still don’t use the hot tub!

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