Gelatin Health – NEW PRODUCT!

NEW PRODUCT – Gelatin Health

The buzz is Collagen …… take it spread it soak in it.

Why pay silly prices for expensive packaging?

Just Body are now stocking Gelatin Health products to compliment your salon treatments for internal health.

Many skin problems are caused by the body not functioning as well as it should. A gelatin supplement will help digestion and absorption, gastrointestinal health, reduces inflammation while strengthening and improving the condition of skin, hair and nails.

There is no need to pay $80 upwards for collagen supplements when you can use Gelatin Health for less than half the cost, for the same product and without the pretty packaging.

  • Soft Skin Collagen
    $11.50 for 100g

    Soft Skin Collagen, specifically for skin, hair and nails, finely formulated with no taste, you can add it to any food drink or smoothie. Clean, pure and simple, without the pretty packaging or high price tag.

  • Gelatin Health Digestive Health
    $11.90 for 200g

    Gelatin Health Digestive Health, benefits the gastrointestinal tract by assisting  the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining, and Is a source of dietary collagen.

  • Gelatin Health Joint Care.
    $20.50 for 225g

    Gelatin Health Joint Care, specifically formulated for Joint health creating collagen and healthy connective tissue to strengthen and help repair damaged joints.

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