Skin, Gut and Mental Health

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It may or may not surprise you but your gut, brain and skin are all connected. When we have an imbalance in the gut it will cause imbalances in our mental health (affecting moods and emotions), which in turn affects our skin. Likewise, when we have an imbalance in our mental health, it will affect our skin and gut.

Our gut is where our food is digested and where good and bad bacteria live. If the bad bacteria or flora out number the good flora this can cause inflammation which in turn can cause skin breakouts, acne and rosacea for example. This imbalance on the other hand can cause emotional and behavioural issues.

For many skin issues, stress is the underlying cause. A stressed mind and body could have a lower immune tolerance, which could trigger skin issues as well.

In order to have a balanced skin you must have a balanced gut.

While having a great skincare regime is a great investment so is looking after your digestive health. By eating clean, doing some exercise and maybe adding a supplement could be a great start.


Fatigue – chronic fatigue and IBS is associated with gut flora imbalance

Unintentional weight loss or gain – overgrowth in gut flora can cause weight changes. High fat and high carbohyrates in the diet can throw the balance of flora

Upset stomach – bloated, constipation, bilious, stomach ache

Irritated skin – acne, dermatitis, redness, depletion of collagen


The more stress a person has, the more cortisol (the stress hormone) the person produces, and the “fight or flight” response is initiated. Elevated cortisol levels bring about a rise in blood sugar, which causes a cellular inflammatory response (think premature aging). In addition, stress can also make our sebaceous glands more active, which could trigger acne


When we aren’t eating well or when we are not absorbing nutrients from our food correctly because of an imbalance in flora in our gut, our “feel good” hormones become depleted. Depleted supplies of feel-good transmitters means it will be difficult for you to feel happy, upbeat, motivated or on track. You will feel just the opposite: a decrease in energy and interest, feelings of worthlessness or no motivation.

Whenever you feel this way, check your diet. Make sure you are eating healthy meals that are high in good fats, protein and greens and low in sugar, grains and processed foods. Maybe have an alcohol free day.


If any of this rings true for you maybe a lifestyle change is the answer.

A change up of diet would look like eating high fibre and protein and lots of greens.  Trim back the carbs and alcohol

Add a probiotic to balance the gut flora

This reset may take 2-3 months but be kind to yourself, move your body, slow down your mind and get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed earlier and set the alarm to wake up in the morning rested and relaxed.

We recommend

Flora Biome Calm for settling stress, and alternative to alcohol, also contains pre and post biotics

Flora Biome Digest for digestion and alternative to coffee

Gelatin Health Collagen supplement for depleted collaging (premature ageing)

Book a skin consultation if you have any skin issues that we have mentioned.  We may have your solution.

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